Renesola Australia Interviewed by International Resource Journal

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ReneSola Australia IRJ Feb Issue

At the end of ReneSola Australia’s 1st full calendar year of operations (Nov 2013), we managed to diversify and give the Australian market place a few new offerings. With the New Year, Australian customers are able to now source the complete PV package from one manufacturer. I.e. Panels + Micro/String Inverters + Racking from one brand. The introduction of complementary energy-saving products this year will set to guarantee ReneSola manufacturing role in Australia’s green revolution.

With our Melbourne office & employees in all states in Australia, this will allow all end-consumers to administer all of their warranties locally, and not having to deal with entities overseas. This will aid to streamline all national operations.

Recently in January the International Resource Journal (IRJ) did an interview with Derek Marsden, the General Manager of ReneSola Australia where they asked him details on his vision for 2014 and where he thinks the renewable market will be heading. For more information click on the links below or email .

Full Online IRJ magazine – Pages 178 – 187 | ReneSola Australia Extract - Interview

Arrival of the Household Solar Energy Storage System

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Household PV 3 Household PV Household PV2

With the rapid development of the solar photovoltaic (PV) industry in the past decade, the different uses of photovoltaics have flourished. The PV energy storage system is the combination of photovoltaic power generation and energy storage batteries and is beginning to be widely used in the industry by households. These home systems may or may not be connected to the public electricity grid. Large renewable energy corporations have developed their own PV energy storage systems, such as, SMA Solar Technology AG in Germany, BOSCH, BYD in China, and Neovoltaic. In 2012, ReneSola launched two types of household PV energy storage systems which are being sold to homeowners in Germany, Australia, United Kingdom, and the USA. Solar PV panels are installed as part of the PV energy storage system in your home and can help to lower monthly energy bills. At the end of this article, are images of ReneSola PV energy storage systems.

What is a Household Photovoltaic Storage System?

A household PV energy storage system is a combination of PV and energy storage to meet the needs of families who want to power their own homes. The extra or leftover energy can be stored in the battery or sold to the public grid. The basic interface system includes: PV input, electricity input, and electricity output. The main system components are the solar control unit, battery energy storage control unit, an inverter, energy and system control unit, and remote monitoring unit. Household PV energy storage system supports the concept of families powering their own homes with solar energy and homes can be in remote environments. This is different from the distributed PV power generation system which refers to electricity that is produced at or near the point where it is used.

Increasing Development of Household Photovoltaic Energy Storage Systems

Household PV energy storage systems have accelerated in development in the last two years for the following reasons:

1. Government guidance and support

In earlier years, Germany and the USA had launched the ‘Million Roofs Plan’ which directly led to a surge in the renewable energy power generation markets of Germany and the USA. Japan and Germany have proposed before to achieve the full realization of the denuclearization to achieve strategic energy transformation. The combination of solar energy and energy storage system achieve the features of clean, sustainable, and low dependence; and has become the preferred alternative to nuclear power. This also improves the popularity and enthusiasm for solar energy storage systems. In recent years, many countries in the world that emphasize the use of solar power have lowered feed-in tariffs (FIT) and further reduced costs of solar power generation, encouraging more homeowners to use the electricity for themselves rather than selling the electricity to the national grid. For PV energy storage systems, the German KFW bank along with the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) support the distributed PV energy storage deal that took effect on May 1, 2013. This marks Germany’s distributed PV policy’s expansions from only subsidizing power generation units to include subsidies for protecting solar energy storage units. And this has guided other countries in the use of PV energy storage systems.

2. Initiatives of related industry sectors

First, electricity companies to ease the pressure on the supply of energy at peak periods and to lower the impact of mid-day peak electricity generation on the grid connected centralized ground and roof-mounted solar systems, with an attitude of ‘welcome, support, and service’, promote households to use solar energy storage systems. The storage of energy will help alleviate the pressure on the grid, especially in the afternoon peak hour of PV power output. After being stored in the storage facility, the electricity will be discharge at night during peak hours, achieving PV optimization of load matching and power generation. Second, household storage equipment manufacturers have developed household energy storage systems that suit the needs of various countries, such as the most common PV products of the 3 – 10kw PV inputs and the 8 – 20kwh energy storage. Third, PV module manufacturers are proposing higher demands on the production of modules, including improved power efficiency and longevity, and reduced production costs of modules. Fourth, inverter manufacturers have proposed higher demands on inverter production, including improved conversion efficiency, longevity, and reduced production costs of inverters. Fifth, as lithium iron phosphate batteries are the most commonly used in household PV energy storage systems, the batteries’ features of good safety performance, long life cycle, good performance at high temperatures, and high energy density makes the entire system have greater longevity and guarantees its security.

3. Economic Development and Solar Market Growth

As the economy continues to develop, the increase of the cost of traditional power generation PV costs shows a downward and compared to traditional power generation costs, it has been found that in many countries the price of PV electricity during the day is already very competitive. The ‘grid parity’ era has arrived. In Australia, Denmark, Germany, Hawaii, Italy, and Spain, the cost of PV power generation is now less expensive than residential electricity. Based on the 2015 forecast of the cost of PV power generation, this will be the case for California, Brazil, France, Japan, and Turkey even when electricity fees do not increase, This makes household energy storage system more

4. Increase in Users Understanding of PV Power Generation and its Environmental Impact

With oil, natural gas, and other non-renewable energy shortages, the awareness of saving energy, and the use of and investment in large centralized PV power plants and rooftop PV power plants, ordinary people are slowly beginning to realize that PV power generation is the best alternative to traditional energy sources. People will begin to see that household PV energy storage systems are economical and feasible. With government subsidies for PV fixed tariffs, residents can be encouraged to power their homes with PV energy storage systems and benefit by selling electricity to the utility company.

According to the Japanese market research data, as many as 70% of people expect to be using solar energy or other renewable energy generations systems or home energy storage systems to provide all the energy needed for living. The reason for their vision is not just because household storage battery can be used for emergency power in the event of disasters, but rather through the use of a combination of solar power systems to promote the use of renewable energy sources and to achieve ‘energy creation, energy storage, energy efficiency, and smart energy’.

Vision for the Future

It can be predicted that with the advent of the photovoltaic ‘grid parity’ era and the technological innovation of household PV energy storage products, and the additional guidance and policy support to boost the photovoltaic and energy storage products, PV household energy storage systems need to adapt to the times and develop into family oriented and people friendly products. PV energy storage systems will become an affordable way of green energy for every person.

ReneSola manufactures its two types of PV energy storage systems which are sold in the USA, Europe, and UK markets. See below images of ReneSola PV energy storage systems. If you have any questions regarding these products or would like to inquire about purchasing one, please send us an email at

Top Southeast Customers Join ReneSola America in Miami

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Renesola 2 Renesola1

In February, ReneSola hosted a customer appreciation event in Miami Beach as a way to say thank you to its customers for their continued support.  Customer enjoyed two days in the Miami sun on the water, angling for the Atlantic’s next big catch, all while learning about ReneSola products and services.  Customers walked away empowered and a better understanding of how ReneSola America operates, as well as the people who make it happen.

Three Types of Management Systems Training to Increase Company Standards

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In December of 2013, ReneSola managers organized a four day training session for its staff. The session was held in Jiangsu, China and covered three areas of quality, environment, and occupational health and safety management systems. The goal was raise company standards, to build top-notch employees, and to strengthen good practices in internal control procedures.

The training included ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001 management system standards, principles, and the basic elements and practices of internal control procedures. During the training, the mentor used real life situations and cases in explaining issues.

New Eden Energy Partners with ReneSola

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4      1     3

Next time your wash your car in in Mysterton, Queensland, know that most of the electricity used is GREEN. 30kW’s of Virtus I 250w – Quasi-Monocrystalline modules have been installed to aid the establishment in reducing their electricity bills and carbon foot print.

Anthony Prior from New Eden Energy who installed the PV system, was asked why he chose to partner with ReneSola for his installations, Anthony went on to say, “It is refreshing to have a supply partner that is excellent in both service and commitment to the highest quality of manufacturing.

Anthony was also asked what his relationship was with the local Australian office of ReneSola, to which he replied, “Samir Jacob and his team have surpassed our expectations with marketing and training support. Their brochures and marketing is excellent which has made the difference in our business building momentum. This has enabled us to maintain a professional image and getting closer to our goals.”

ReneSola Australia is proud to be associated with a quality retailer such as New Eden Energy, who bring renewable energy products to the public with pristine professionalism and great service.

To contact New Eden Energy, please call Anthony Prior. Details are below,

T: 1300 551 000
A: Campbellfield , Victoria, Australia – 3046 | Installation in VIC & QLD

Renesola at Ecobuild – March 4-6 Renesola Direct

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ios  led

Solar Power Brings Energy to Rural Communities3               Solar Power Brings Energy to Rural Communities4

Come and visit the UK Renesola Team at Ecobuild at Excel London this March. We will be on stand S2034 in the Solar Hub along with other members of the BPVA.

All members of our UK Team will be on hand over the course of the 3 days to talk to you about your solar requirements. Our UK sales team will be present, with their expert and experienced knowledge of the UK market. We will also have our UK logistics operators, warehouse managers, financial and technical specialists available so installers can come and find out exactly how Renesola UK works, and how easy it is to place and receive orders from the UK branch.

We will also be introducing our new product range including battery storage system, LED lights and the new Renesola App. View images below of our solar power storage systems, LED lights, and ReneSola App.

ReneSola Panel Project Discussed in UK Parliament

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he Brighton Energy co-op, a community owned solar power plant and a 212kwp project consisting of 880 ReneSola panels installed at Shoreham Port near Brighton was discussed in the UK parliament in early February. The project that used the distinctive Virtus II panels was raised in a debate by Brighton Green MP Caroline Luca. She invited Prime Minister David Cameron to visit the project and he has agreed to do so. We hope our panels will shortly receive parliamentary seal of approval and look forward to demonstrating our panels to the Prime Minister.


Click here to watch the news item and spot our distinctive Virtus II panels.

Client Testimonial—United Kingdom

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‘We chose Renesola because of the high efficiency Virtus II modules and the competitive pricing offered given the current duties proposed to other Chinese module manufacturers. Dealing with Neil and the UK office made things a lot easier and the transparent approach taken from shipments from abroad, to importer and logistics meant we knew exactly where our panels were before they arrived on site which gave us great confidence in Renesola.’

Mr. Vishal Giga

Head of Project Management

Spirit Solar

ReneSola Focuses on Innovative Solar Energy Business Models in Europe

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ReneSola Focuses on Innovative Solar Energy Business Models in Europe

Probably the best way to predict the future of the solar energy business model is to reinvent it. So does Prima Solar GmbH, one of ReneSola’s customers in Germany. The PV specialist installs, manages and maintains PV installations from 5 kWp to 10 MWp. Far-sighted, Prima Solar has implemented business models that share their revenue streams between feed-in-tariff and self-consumption. Prima Solar’s latest installations give some examples. In Kyritz, Prima Solar built a 1.1 MWp system on the roof of a potato starch factory where much of the electricity generated is used to power the factory below. In Wutetz, Prima Solar built a 950 kWp system at a farm where the energy is either feed into the local grid or sold to an agricultural holding at a fixed energy price, which is based on the local grid providers own energy charges. This novel idea ensures that any changes to the feed-in-tariff will have little detriment to the profitability of the PV systems. As these business cases clearly prove, solar power can be installed anywhere to produce both electricity and revenue.

ReneSola Opens New Legal Entity in France

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ReneSola’s expansion in Europe continues. ReneSola is proud to announce that its new legal entity has just been set up in Lyon, France.

The company will provide sales and customer support services that focus on our customers in France and other francophone countries. “ReneSola’s inverter products and LED lighting products will perfectly match the current needs of the francophone markets”, says Pascal Cervantes, ReneSola’s new General Manager in France. Since 2009, ReneSola has been considered as one of the major Chinese brands in France and strives for a vital expansion of its French market share. To contact Pascal, write to